If you have Home insurance that includes liability coverage or if you are thinking of subscribing to a policy of this type then this guide is for you. In it, we will tell you what this guarantee is about, what damages it covers and the possible exclusions that it may present. Do not miss it!

Although having home insurance is not an obligation unless you have bought your house through a mortgage, the truth is that more and more decide to protect their property against possible claims.

In this sense, there are several types of Home insurance, where each one presents its characteristics and coverage. They range from the most complete, such as Multi-risk policies to the most basic, such as Civil Liability insurance.

Today we will talk about the latter, an extremely important coverage but not everyone knows what it is about. Let’s review its main aspects below:

What is liability coverage in Home Insurance?

The most important thing about civil liability coverage in Home insurance is that it covers the damages that you may cause to third parties, whether they are people or material things, in the area of ​​your private life.

For example:

  • Your kids play ball and break a neighbor’s window.
  • You live in an apartment and thanks to a water leak you have caused a leak on the floor below.
  • You’re doing home renovations and you’re blowing a hole in your neighbor’s roof.

There are many situations in which you can be responsible for the damage to other people and in these cases is where civil liability acts.

What does civil liability cover in Home insurance?

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The coverage of civil liability in Home insurance will depend on the formula you have chosen at the time of subscription.

As we mentioned before, when contracting this type of policy you can choose to insure only the continent or the container and the content.

Depending on the option you have chosen, the coverage will be the following:

Continent coverage

  1. Damage caused to other homes due to water problems on your property (broken pipes, water leaks, floods, etc.)
  2. Damages caused to a third party caused by any element of your home.
  3. Damage caused to third parties while carrying out work on your home.

Content coverage

  1. Damages that you may cause to third parties, both inside and outside your home.
  2. Some companies cover the damages that the employees of your house or even your pets may cause to third parties.
  3. There are also insurers that cover damages caused to third parties in the performance of your non-professional and sports activities.

Legal coverage

Regardless of the way you have decided to hire, the legal defense of the insured is usually included in all civil liability insurance.

This coverage is activated in the event that, after a claim, a third party makes a claim against you.

What are the exclusions of liability in Home insurance?

More than exclusions, liability coverage in Home insurance sets certain conditions that must be taken into account when requesting compensation for a claim.

Most insurers will not proceed with the coverage if the damages have occurred intentionally or if they have been the result of recklessness on the part of the insured.


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