All coverages have exclusions and specific conditions that you must carefully analyze.

To purchase life insurance, you must assess your real needs so as not to hire complementary coverage that will not be used. It is a survey that takes time, moves emotions, because nobody, in fact, would like to use this insurance.

But it is important to do so even so as not to underestimate the financial needs of you or your dependents if they can no longer count on your support. It is good to remember that all coverages have exclusions and specific conditions that you must carefully analyze. If the insured is a self-employed professional, for example, it may be important to hire coverage known as the Temporary Disability Rate (DIT), which guarantees payment of the contracted rate for the period when he is unable to work due to sick leave or covered accident for insurance.

The main one, which is mandatory, is death coverage, which will pay the insured capital (indemnity) defined in the policy to the beneficiaries, in the event of the death of the insured (natural or accidental).

The life insurance structure can distinguish between basic and additional coverages, and the insurance must contain at least one of the basic coverages (natural or accidental death). However, instead of approving insurance plans with basic and additional coverage, many insurers have chosen to offer independent insurance plans for each coverage.

Thus, it is possible to contract an insurance plan only for death coverage (natural or accidental), only for accidental death, just for accident disability, only for functional disability due to illness, only for work disability due to illness, etc. It is very important that all situations that you want to be compensated to your beneficiaries are clearly provided for in the contract you sign with the insurer.

The most common coverages are:

• Death
• Accidental death
• Total or partial permanent disability due to an accident
• Total permanent disability due to an accident
• Major permanent disability due to an accident
• Total permanent functional disability due to illness
• Total permanent working disability for Illness
• Medical, Hospital and Dental Expenses
• Temporary Disability
Fees • Hospital Admission
Fees • Serious Diseases

Based on the combination of these coverings, there are specific products, among which insurance: credit life, education, travel, housing, and endowment stand out.


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