Indemnities in cases of disability or absence from work allow financial stability for policyholders

Planning is essential for an organized and prosperous financial life. Having projects to qualify, raise income, and look for opportunities in the market is as important as preventing budget breakdowns caused by unforeseen circumstances. For young people, 30 to 45 years old, with heritage in formation, small children, or who are preparing to have them, buying life insurance with wide coverage is even more relevant and should be part of the financial planning. It is an investment for the well-being of the family and it still protects the pocket.

Buying life insurance needs to be understood as a preventive measure and with benefits in the short, medium, and long term. There are life insurances that guarantee not only the indemnity in case of death of the holder, as well as an income in case of absence from work or even residential and automotive assistance, if necessary.

The range of services offered in the Personal Care Assistance package is broad. Practically all those surprises in the residence that appear at the worst time are covered. There are locksmith, plumber, electrician, glazier, and tile replacement services, always limited in times per year and a ceiling value. Other possibilities for using the insurance include pet custody, baby sitter or nursery, early return, and tow vehicle.

As taking care of health today to reap fruits in the future is also a necessity, the insured has access to nutritional support from specialists, with personalized programs, and discounts on medications ranging from 15% to 60% of the value.

In addition to the indemnity in case of death and the guarantee against unforeseen circumstances at the residence, the third line of coverage is added, which indemnifies in case of disease diagnosis. Leave from work due to total or partial disability, permanent or temporary, is covered by life insurance.

In the case of serious illnesses such as cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and heart attack – which are increasingly common due to the aging of the population and inadequate living habits – the insured receives a cash value that can be used freely.

Many of the necessary care as complementary therapies and caregivers are not included in the list of mandatory procedures in health plans. The broader coverage of life insurance is, therefore, in addition to being an instrument to ensure peace of mind for the whole family, an investment that can save important resources and protect the budget.


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