There are many reasons that can make you find your house flooded by water from one day to the next. However, do not be overwhelmed because many home insurance includes this coverage in their policies. So that you have everything clear, today, we tell you what they are about and how they work.

One of the main causes of accidents inside a home corresponds to damage caused by water.

Indeed, there is a long list of situations in which this type of accident can occur. One of the most common are floods caused by poor construction or a house breakdown.

Leaks from rain, moisture in the walls, pipes or leaks in the pipes can be just some of the problems that cause your home to flood.

However, the climate and poor quality of the facilities in your home are not the only reasons why a claim can be caused.

Human failures, such as forgetting to turn off the tap or letting the bathtub run, also represent a significant percentage of the causes of damage caused by water inside domestic homes.

Water damage can range from minor damage to complete flooding of the home. For this reason, having Home insurance that includes this type of coverage can be very convenient when facing a situation of this type.

Let’s take a deep dive into what these policies propose and how far their coverage goes.

Water damage: what do they contemplate?

Before reviewing the coverages that a water damage policy can include in Home insurance, it is important that you find out if your contract includes these types of incidents.

Indeed, there are different types of home insurance and each one is different, therefore, yours may not have flood coverage.

On the other hand, the corresponding compensation and replacements will depend on the type of policy you have previously contracted.

Among the most common coverages that can be found in this type of insurance are:

Rain damage

In case of heavy rains or that they produce some type of accident in your home, the insurer may compensate you as long as the intensity of the same exceeds that established by the company.

Damage caused by meteorological phenomena

In addition to rains, some home insurance policies include water damage caused by meteorological phenomena such as strong winds, storms, among others, among their coverage.

Damage caused by floods

In the case of floods, the policy may stipulate that compensation will be made on the damage produced, provided that the origin is breakage of channels or ditches on the surface.

Damage caused by extraordinary floods

It may be the case that the magnitude of the flood is such that the insurance company declares the loss as an extraordinary flood.

How far does the coverage of this type of policy go?

flooded kitchen
These types of policies include exclusions that you should know. 
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As with other types of insurance, coverage will depend exclusively on the policy you have taken out.

While some insurances will cover only the continent of your homes, such as ceilings, floors, and walls, others will also cover the content, that is, appliances, furniture, etc.

In turn, the vast majority of Home insurance with water damage coverage includes Third Party Liability.

Are there any exclusions in water damage coverage?

Indeed, there are some situations where, although there is a loss caused by water, the insurer is exempted from any obligation to make payment for the damages produced.

Among the most common exclusions are:

  1. Exclusion of damages caused by public pipelines
  2. Exclusion of damage caused by water if the apartment is rented and the use of the house has not been communicated to the company.
  3. Exclusion of water damage if pipes are exposed.
  4. Exclusion of water damage coverage due to forgetting to turn off the tap when the insured home has been uninhabited for more than 72 consecutive hours.
  5. Exclusion of damages due to leaks that have occurred through roofs, walls, and/or walls from adjoining or superior homes.
  6. Exclusion of damages derived from the freezing of water if the house has been uninhabited for more than 72 consecutive hours and it is shown that the necessary precautionary measures have not been taken.


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