Can you imagine that you have a small fortune as a beneficiary of life insurance, after the death of that relative, and you don’t know it?

How would that change your life?

Surely it would mean an economic relief or to be able to give yourself that whim delayed in time. Some extra funds never hurt, even if they have a sad origin for the loss of a loved one.

The truth is that it is increasingly common to have life insured. Sometimes voluntarily and we record it. Others, associated with certain contracts or services and we do not know they are there.

An example is life or accident insurance associated with the credit card. And who doesn’t have one?

Therefore, when a family member dies, even though it may be hard, it is advisable to make sure if they had any life insurance of which you can be the beneficiary without knowing it.

How can I know if I am a beneficiary of any life insurance?

If you already know your status as a beneficiary, the quickest thing to do is go to the insurance company with the documentation that accredits it and requests the payment of compensation.

But if you don’t know or have doubts as to whether that person had any insurance with death coverage, it is best to find out.

To find out if you are a beneficiary of life insurance, you must first find out if there is insurance and to do so it is best to ask the Administration through the Registry of Insurance Contracts with death coverage.

The purpose of the registry is to allow users to know if a certain person is the insured of an insurance contract with death coverage.

What information does the Registry provide?

Insurers are obliged to communicate the data of the contracts signed identifying the insured person and the insurance contract made.

Therefore, the insurance contracts on which it is possible to know this information are life and accident insurance with coverage of the insured’s death. It does not matter whether they are individual or group policies as long as the insured is nominated.

It will not provide information when it comes to:

  • The insurances that implement company pension commitments with workers and beneficiaries.
  • Insurance in which, in the event of the death of the insured, the policyholder and the beneficiary coincide.
  • The contracts are signed by mutual benefit societies that act as a corporate social security instrument.

The information is kept for 5 years following the death of the insured.

How can I request the data?

The Registry of Insurance Contracts with death coverage depends on the Ministry of Justice.

You can be certified on request via the Internet, by mail or so – face.

If you have an electronic signature, you can request it through the Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Justice. 

Whether you do it by mail or in person, you will have to present the 790 application form and proof of payment of the corresponding fee.

If the death is prior to April 2, 2009, you will also have to provide the literal death certificate, original or certified copy.

If you request it online, it will be the system itself that will retrieve the death registration data and allow you to pay the fee through the Tax Agency’s payment gateway.

Whichever means you choose, you will not be able to request the certificate until 15 business days after the death.

How long does the certificate take?

The deadline for issuing it is 7 business days from the date the request is submitted. In the case of a telematic request, it is normal for you to have it available within 24 hours.

In the request form, you can provide an email address to notify you when it is available.

The validity of the certificate is 90 days, so after that, you must request a new one.

If the certificate has to take effect abroad, it needs to be legalized, so you must indicate it in the application.

I already have the certificate, what do I do now?

You have confirmed that the deceased person had insurance with death coverage and where they are insured. Well, the next step is to find out if you are the beneficiary of the insurance. Go to the insurance company where they will inform you if they appear as a beneficiary in the policy.

If you are, the procedures to collect the corresponding compensation according to the insurance contract begin.

In case you are not expressly so, you will have to prove your status as a beneficiary. To do this, the insurer will ask you to provide the will – if any – of the declaration of heirs.


This is the objective:

That no insurance with death coverage remains uncollected when the death of the insured occurs.

To do so, if you think you can be a beneficiary of one of this insurance, you only have to ask for a certificate of the insurance with death coverage that the deceased may have.

You can request it through the Internet or through traditional means.

Remember, you will have to wait at least 15 days from death to do it. And you will have it within a maximum period of 7 days from when you request it.

Ah! And if you are interested in knowing in which insurance contracts, with death coverage, figures as insured, you can also request it, free of charge, in the same way, and at any time.

Are you processing the inheritance, are you a beneficiary of death insurance?


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