Although the European Union prohibited in 2012 to establish differences in terms of the amount of health insurance for men and women, coverage especially aimed at the female segment continues to have a strong demand within the market. Let’s review the most important points.

Although we should all enjoy the same opportunities in terms of medical access, the truth is that men and women do not have the same needs or face the same health problems throughout their lives.

The insurance companies were aware of this situation and, as it happened for up to five years, they offered policies specially designed for women, including all the necessary coverage throughout their lives.

However, the situation changed in 2012 when the European Union prohibited differences in the cost of health insurance between men and women.

What is the current situation? How have insurers reacted to this problem? What are the special coverage for women? Let’s review the various points.

EU regulations against differentiation by sex of the prices applied in Health insurance

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With the clear objective of achieving equal treatment between men and women, the European Court of Justice in 2012 prohibited insurance companies from differentiating men from women to set the amounts of health insurance and other types of policies.

“Gender equality is a fundamental right in the European Union and the Court of Justice has made it clear that this right also applies to the fixing of insurance prices (…) The insurance sector has had more than a year to prepare for the change to unisex pricing policies and during this period the European Commission has helped the sector to adapt. The Commission will monitor the implementation of these new rules. ‘ (EU Commissioner for Justice)

In this way, this practice, which to date was widely used by different insurance companies, constitutes an illegal act, and violates the orders and mandates of the EU.

The reality

Following the implementation of the European Union regulations that prohibit adjusting insurance prices based on the sex of the client, the different insurers in the country have not been indifferent and have reacted by offering policies that include coverage specially adapted to the needs of the woman.

Coverages designed for women

Although there is no special health insurance for women, many companies offer coverage focused mainly on maternity and the prevention of certain types of cancer that affect women.

Among the guarantees that you can find among the different insurers and that are related to maternity are:

  • Pregnancy monitoring
  • Delivery care
  • Assisted Reproductive Treatments
  • Preparation for delivery
  • Postpartum care
  • Conservation of stem cells from the baby’s umbilical cord
  • Family planning
  • Infertility diagnosis
  • Tubal ligation
  • IUD implantation
  • Port-delivery aesthetic services

It is important to remember that the vast majority of insurers that offer special coverage for women include pregnancy monitoring and delivery care. The rest of the guarantees included will vary from company to company.

At the same time, the coverages that are related to the prevention of certain types of cancer are:

  • Annual Prevention Review for Breast Cancer
  • Annual Prevention Review for Cervical Cancer
  • Annual Prevention Review for Endometrial Cancer
  • Consultations for gynecological ailments

Tips when hiring health insurance aimed at women

If you are thinking of hiring the best health policy that includes guarantees specially designed for women, we suggest that you take notes of these important tips:

  1. Consultation for waiting periods: generally, the coverage for assistance at childbirth includes waiting periods of 8 months. And, in the case of assisted reproduction, these periods can go up to 24 months.
  2.  Try to purchase a product without a copayment.
  3. Find out about medical equipment.
  4. Compare between the different options proposed by the market.
  5. Do not trust the cheapest policies.
  6. Do not forget to read the contract and, above all, the special conditions.


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