The father, who had the help of another relative, threw the young man into the sea to collect life insurance for his death.

A man threw his son with mental problems into the sea in order to collect insurance. According to ‘China News’, the event took place on September 28 in the Chinese city of Haikou, in Hainan, when a 64-year-old subject notified the police to tell them that his son had accidentally fallen into the sea.

The agents checked the security cameras of the Office of Ports and Ships and were able to verify how the father himself was the one who threw his son into the sea.

Through the videos that the police obtained, they discovered that the young man was actually pushed by a person who was dressed in the same way as the complainant.

When he was arrested, the suspect pleaded guilty and confessed that he was seeking to collect insurance for his son’s death. He also confessed that he did not act alone; a relative of his participated in the crime, and they managed to arrest him when he was about to leave the city by train. The rescue services located the lifeless body of the young man who drowned in the sea.


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