Can you imagine that you are left lying with the car at the doors of the house and the roadside assistance insurance does not serve you?

What about that contract you were going to sign or the doctor’s appointment that cost you so much to get?

After the monumental anger of the first moment, it’s time to find a solution in case it happens again.

Roadside assistance has become an essential coverage to have it included in your car insurance. Or to contract it in individual insurance. Be that as it may, my advice is that if you use the car, take out this type of insurance.

But not just anyone, in my case I seek that assistance is not only for the car but also for people. Give me solutions to circumstances in which the car, due to breakdown, accident, or any other, cannot circulate.

These are some of the keys with which I value which roadside assistance insurance suits me, and why.

1. What coverage does roadside assistance provide me?

I like to make the assessment thinking about who can suffer the consequences of being stranded on the road. Along with the vehicle assistance, I also consider what benefits people who travel in the car will receive, or if the coverage is extended when they do not.

For me, it is very important to know that if my car is stolen (warning: it is only worth what its tires are worth), the people who travel with me will have the means to return home, or the accommodation paid while they repair that untimely breakdown.

2. On-site repair

But things don’t always have to go that far. I also want to be sure that if I puncture a wheel or the car runs out of battery, I will receive the necessary assistance to continue the journey. Also, as I am a bit clueless, it will not hurt either, that they attend to me if I lose the keys or the car runs out of gas.

Getting your problem fixed on the fly can save you a lot of trouble. That is why it is important for me to have a helpdesk that can make a quick repair at the scene of the incident.

3. Assistance from kilometer «0»

The last roadside assistance I had to request was for a clutch cable break. It happened to me just 2 kilometers from home. This time he was alone and was not in a hurry. The car began its journey to the workshop on the crane platform, while I, taking a walk, returned home.

What would have happened if I was accompanied and it happened 10 kilometers from home? Well, the fact of having to pay the tow truck, we would also have had to face the costs of a taxi to return. In my case, the roadside assistance coverage starts at kilometer “zero”.

It is worth reviewing this point because more than one assistance insurance provides coverage from 25 kilometers.

4. Replacement vehicle

You have had a breakdown or an accident and the repair involves having the car immobilized for a couple of days. You are on vacation or work. Goodbye to that beautiful place they told you about or to that important interview for your business. You have been stranded at the most inopportune moment and you have no way of getting there.

For me, it is very important, and I suppose for you too, to be able to maintain the autonomy that having a replacement car gives if something like this happens.

Everything good has a cost, and if you want it, you have to pay for it.

5. Repatriation of the car and people

Having an accident is already a problem, but having it many miles from home is even worse. Therefore, one of the things that I value the most is that, if I have a breakdown, accident, or my car is stolen while outside of my province or country, it will be repatriated when it is repaired or found.

And above what can happen to the car, is knowing that, if the injured or sick are the passengers, we can be repatriated by roadside assistance insurance.

6. Assistance abroad

Breakdowns, accidents do not happen only in, also when you go abroad.

It is not only important to have repatriation. Sometimes the need is to spend a few hours in a medical emergency. Or have at your disposal a hotel room, where you can keep the prescribed rest before resuming the trip, or in case your companions have to wait for your discharge from the hospital. Other times, for the shipment of medicines or stolen or lost objects.

The situation can be worse and you have the need to return due to illness, accident, or death of a close family member. Or on the contrary, you are the one who needs a relative to travel because you are going to spend a short time in the hospital.

Having good coverage abroad is one of the keys that I value the most before choosing assistance insurance.

7. Financial advances during the trip

You have spent all the savings you had paid for the trip of your dreams. You have left the bank account with no balance and you have left with your credit cards and the little money you have left.

It is not too much, in those cases, that the assistance insurance can provide you if you need it, an advance of money if you suffer a serious mishap.

Having an amount of money to pay a lawyer or post a court bond can be vital. Remember that when you travel, you are subject to the laws of the country where you are going. But they all have something in common, the need to have money.


If there are several things that can go wrong, the one that causes the most damage will.

Murphy’s law
The battery that doesn’t work, that key you can’t find, the damn curb that has blown the wheel. They are little things that can bother your trip. And if you also do it in the company, the problem is even greater.

It is not the same to stay in the hotel because you have no way to move than to maintain the freedom to move by having a replacement vehicle.

With third-party car insurance, you can move, without any formality, through more than half of Europe. Roadside assistance coverage should, too. But not with any limit. Because it is not the same to have medical or lawyer expenses limited to 600 dollars than to have up to 6,000 dollars.

Sometimes knowing you are not alone is priceless, and roadside assistance can make you not.

Therefore, my conclusion is very clear:

Roadside assistance coverage, for me, has become a must.

And for you? Have you ever had to resort to roadside assistance?
Share your experience in the comments.


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