If you are thinking about taking out health insurance but you don’t know how to choose the most suitable one for your needs without paying more, don’t worry! In this guide, you will find five tips that will help you save money when deciding on a policy.

There are many reasons to buy health insurance. Indeed, having private medical coverage for you and your family can represent a great financial relief in the event of having to face a problem of this type or in case of needing specific treatment.

In this sense, buying a policy that meets the needs of your family group can be quite an arduous task, especially when you want to have the best guarantees without paying more.

Today, companies offer a wide variety of insurance, ranging from the most basic to the most comprehensive.

However, for the same type of coverage, prices can vary significantly.

Given this, it is important to be able to compare all the available policies very well and follow some tips to save at the time of the election.

Let’s review some of the most important:

buy at the beginning of the year

If you want to take out the best health insurance for your family or if you already have one but want to change companies, we advise you to pay close attention to the time of year in which you are.

A good part of the companies offer important promotions at the beginning of the year, so waiting a few more months before deciding on one policy or another could save you a few euros.

Compare and compare again

Given the large number of insurers that currently exist within the market and the wide range of offers they propose, it is important that before choosing between one policy or another, you compare each contract very well.

The first thing to do is to compare the different companies and analyze which one is the best suited to your needs and the one that offers you the greatest security and confidence.

Then, we advise you to compare all the offers offered by the insurers you have chosen. Do not forget that the price is not the only thing you should take into account.

In order to make a good choice, it is necessary that you know your needs and those of your family group, as well as the budget that you have destined to invest in health insurance.

To compare, there are different ways to do it. One of them is to resort to the comparator that this website offers you, which gives you access to the best offers in a quick and simple way.

Look at the characteristics and conditions of the contract

A very important point when it comes to economizing on your health insurance is to analyze in detail the different insurance coverage that you have previously selected.

Don’t forget that even if the two policies seem similar, the contract can include very different services.

Given this, we give you some of the points that can make a significant difference in price within your health insurance contracts.

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One of the ways to save when purchasing health insurance is to opt for an annual payment. 
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Payment Methods

Some insurers offer different forms of payment when buying a policy.

In this case, and to achieve savings of up to 10% per year in the cost of insurance, we advise you to opt for an annual payment.

Monthly payments generally lead to an increase in the total cost of the insurance, so if you can make the payment annually, this could be a good way to save money.

Medical chart

Each company works with its own medical charts, so it is important to review the list of professionals and analyze if there are any you trust.

Remember that choosing a policy with a medical chart can considerably lower the cost of your insurance.

On the contrary, subscribing to an expense reimbursement coverage, where you can freely choose the doctor you want to go to, will automatically increase the value of it.


The copayment is another good way to save on your health insurance. This consists in that every time you go to a consultation or need a treatment, you pay small participation for it.

Generally, the co-payment rates are between three and ten dollars, however, the price of the policy is considerably cheaper than coverage that does not have this option.

The copayment is a recommended alternative for those who do not go to the doctor regularly or need permanent treatment.

Grace period

Pay attention to the waiting periods, because if your policy has very long periods, you will not be able to use the coverage until it ends and, therefore, you will have to assume all the medical costs that arise.

Special coverage

If a member of your family needs a special type of coverage, it is good that you know that some insurers offer the type of service and guarantees that you need.

Dental insurance, insurance optical, hearing aids … the range of possibilities is wide.

Take out family health insurance

If you plan to subscribe to health insurance for each member of your family, the best alternative to save will be to opt for family coverage.

Most of the companies have this kind of offer and at prices that are much more attractive than that of individual coverage.

Family coverage usually includes medical charts with the most requested specialists, such as: pediatricians, gynecologists and emergency physicians.

Group your insurance

Many of the largest insurers in the country not only offer medical policies, but also car, life, or home coverage.

Given this, and if you already have insurance with a company, we recommend that you contact them and evaluate the possible benefits of establishing a relationship with them.

Generally, if you have two or more products from the same insurer, the prices of each policy will be lower.


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