Are you worried about your oral health? Do you think that Social Security does not give you the coverage you need? Do not worry! You can subscribe to private dental insurance and thus enjoy its additional guarantees. Do you think this is a good idea? Find out about the five things you should know before hiring policy of this type.

The teeth (and the mouth in general) are a very important part of our body. For this reason, brushing daily, avoiding the consumption of products that can stain them, and maintaining good oral health represents one of the first care that we must carry out.

But what happens when an unforeseen event arises and we cannot get the medical care we want?

Toothache, gum infection, orthodontic treatment … no one is free from having to go to a dental emergency or make more than one appointment to perform the necessary care.

In this sense, hiring specialized insurance in this type of care can be very opportune, especially at times when the National Health Plan does not provide the coverage that we might need.

However, before signing dental insurance it is necessary that you take into account some important points.

Let’s explore together the five things you need to know when signing up for additional coverage for your mouth.

What oral coverage does the public health system offer?

Currently, Social Security covers basic dental needs. This means that Spaniards can have free access to primary care that will cover only some treatments for acute processes and certain information and education services.

Among the coverage offered by the State are mainly the treatment for wounds, injuries, infections, and inflammations.

In turn, pregnant women and children can access preventive examinations and specific treatments.

Despite this, there is a fairly extensive list of treatments that are not covered by the National Health Plan.

What is private dental insurance?

As you must already imagine, private dental insurance is a product that you can contract through an insurer, and that gives you access to different dental services in a cheaper way.

How does dental insurance work?

The operation of dental insurance is relatively simple. Once you have chosen the best oral coverage according to your needs and pay the demanded premium, you will be able to access all the treatments and services that appear in your new policy.

In this way, when you want to make use of it, it will be enough to deliver a budget of the treatment you want to perform to your company so that the discount or refund can be made.

It is important that you know that certain insurers will only cancel dental treatment if they have approved the estimate in advance.

How can you buy dental insurance?

If you want to take out dental insurance you have two possibilities:

Through your health insurance

Most medical plans include dental coverage. Therefore, if you subscribe to medical policy, you can check what coverage it includes for dental treatments and see if it suits you.

It is important that you know that the dental coverage included in medical insurance is limited. In general, the basic plans that medical policies include are: consultations and emergencies, as well as one oral cleaning per year.

In this case, you will only have to pay a monthly premium that includes both medical coverage and oral coverage.

Through independent dental insurance

You can also purchase independent dental insurance that only offers coverage in this area.

For this, you will have to analyze which coverage is adapted to your needs and pay an additional premium for your medical insurance.

What type of coverage does a dental insurance offer?

When hiring dental insurance you can choose between different types of coverage according to your own needs. Among them are:

Basic dental coverage

When purchasing insurance for your teeth, most companies offer a foundation package, which includes a number of free services.

Each insurer handles different packages of products with zero cost, however, among which are usually included:

  • Dental consultations and check-ups
  • Dental emergencies
  • Budgets and diagnostics
  • Oral cleanings (will be limited to one or two per year)
  • X-rays
  • Simple interventions

Additional coverage

If you want specialized coverage or to be reimbursed for part or all of complex and specific treatments, you can use a type of insurance with additional coverage.

Undoubtedly, the premium that you will pay monthly will be based on the supplementary coverage you wish to hire.

Don’t forget that even if you hire additional coverage, at the time of dental treatment you will have to finance part of the cost.

Additional services include:

  • Orthodontic treatments
  • Conservative dentistry treatments
  • Implant treatments
  • Periodontic treatments
  • Surgeries

Choose and compare

Don’t forget that when choosing the best health insurance or the best dental insurance for you and your family, the first thing you should do is compare the offers.

Find out about everything the market is proposing and review the details of each policy.


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