Have you taken out home insurance and do you think you are protected against any type of claim? You’re wrong! There are certain situations that will not be assumed by your policy in any case. Let’s review what they are and so you will not be surprised.

Hiring a policy that covers the possible claims that can be registered in a home is true peace of mind for any family.

Theft, flood damage, fire … the guarantees will depend on the type of home insurance you have contracted and how much you are paying for it.

However, there are certain situations that are not covered in any type of case. Indeed, these are quite specific exclusions that insurers apply to all their contracts.

It is very important that you know what these types of situations are in which the company will not assume the coverage, because in the event of a claim you will not be surprised and you will be prepared to assume the costs.

Claims caused by a smoker

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In no case will the insurer cover claims caused by badly extinguished cigarettes or cigars.

In the event of a fire outbreak, the insurer will not be liable either for the damages suffered by the objects that fall into the fire or for the damages that this could cause.

To avoid this type of accident, we advise you that if there are smokers in your home, they should be very careful when putting out their cigarettes and that they always use a special glass or crystal ashtray for these purposes.

It is also important that cigarettes are not extinguished and thrown on the ground, as the risk of suffering a fire increases considerably. Besides that, you will be helping the planet.

Damage from facilities in poor condition

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The insurance company will not be liable for any type of damage caused by facilities in poor condition or lack of maintenance ( electrical damage, water damage, etc.)

In this sense, each insured has the obligation to control and verify that both the electrical installations of their home and those of water, gas or others do not present problems or anomalies.

At the same time, all required reviews and certificates must be up to date.

Goods found abroad

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In the event of a theft or a claim caused by atmospheric phenomena, the insurance company will not be liable for the goods or furniture that is located outdoors, on terraces, gardens, or open rooms.

Given this, we advise you never to leave small or valuable objects outside, as well as trying to protect tables and chairs during winter periods.

Damage caused by rain or moderate-intensity winds

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Although insurers cover damages caused by natural phenomena that are related to high-intensity rains and winds that exceed a minimum speed, they will not respond when the intensity is moderate or does not reach these levels.

To enforce a policy, the claim must be proven with a weather report.

Jewelry theft

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If you have taken out home insurance and have declared a certain amount of jewelry indicating that they are in a safe, you should be very careful when using them and forget to put them in their place.

Indeed, the insurer will not be responsible or liable for the theft of your jewelry if it was found outside the safe declared at the time of contracting the policy.

To avoid this type of situation, we advise you that, after putting on your favorite earrings, you always put them back in their proper location.

Find out what your contract says

If you do not want to be upset when facing a claim that your insurer refuses to cover, we advise you to review and read each clause of the contract carefully before signing.

It should include all the specifications and those situations that will not be covered in case of damage.

Also, if you have any concerns or doubts, do not stop asking the question and insist until the situation has been clarified.


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