Looking for an insurer for your new car? Do you want to change the company? Do you need a company that gives you confidence and good coverage? Follow the five steps that we give you below when choosing your insurer and do not lose money or quality of service.

Faced with a large number of insurers currently invading the market, finding a company that is capable of meeting all your needs is not a very easy task.

However, and although your priority is to save money and find the cheapest offer, there are other factors that are decisive in the decision of a future insurer for your car.

Let’s review five steps to choose the best insurance company for your vehicle taking into account criteria that you should not miss.

Define your priorities

The first step you should take before deciding on one or another insurer is to find out what the market is currently proposing and prioritize your needs.

To help you, I advise you to answer the following questions:

  • Are you looking for insurance that only meets the minimum requirements stipulated in the mandatory policy established by law?
  • Are you willing to pay more for better coverage?
  • Do you need any type of additional coverage?
  • What means do you want to use to make the contract?

Once you define your priorities, you can make a list of those points that, in your opinion, should be present at the time of signing a policy.

Find your driver profile

If you think that the car insurance that your best friend has taken out is excellent and you think it would be good to take out the same … you are wrong.

One of the first things to keep in mind when looking for a policy for our car is that companies grant a different price to each driver or user who comes forward to sign a new contract.

There are several types of conductors and the factors that define each one are varied, therefore, insurers grant a different risk factor to be able to set the price of their premiums.

In this sense, the second step is to find your driver profile according to a series of factors that I give you below:

  • Frequency of car use: as a general rule, insurers distinguish between two types of drivers according to the frequency with which they use their vehicles (regular and occasional).
  • Age: Insurers can raise the value of your premiums if you are under 25 or over 60.
  • Type and model of car: it is known that certain models and types of cars are more expensive to purchase insurance than others. At the same time, the year of manufacture is also a determining factor.
  • Sex: Although less frequent, some insurers take the insured’s sex into account when setting their premium prices.
  • Geographical area: if you live in an area of ​​mountains or cliffs, it is very likely that the company considers you as a high-risk driver because of the possibilities you have of suffering an accident.
  • Driving license age: for those who have obtained their driving license only one or two years ago, the prices on car insurance are usually higher.

Remember that knowing what type of driver you belong to can help you a lot when comparing offers and determining what type of coverage you need.

Select trusted companies

We all know that there are many insurance companies and that not all of them offer the same thoroughness in their services.

Given this, we advise you to invest a few hours and ask your relatives and close friends their opinion about their insurers.

You can also search the Internet according to the comments of the clients themselves and verify certain data on their web pages.

It is very important that the companies you select offer you confidence. For this, you can go to the website of the Insurance Department and verify that the company is authorized to sell car insurance in the country.

Compare the offers

Undoubtedly, comparing the different offers proposed by the insurers you have selected represents the most important step in deciding on one or another company.

It is necessary that the offers you identify are adapted to your driver profile and that they meet the minimum conditions that you require.

The following list will help you when you do this step:

  • Look at the promotions.
  • Don’t just look for the cheapest policies.
  • Pay attention to the customer service you receive

Analyze additional coverage

After comparing the different offers in a general way and once you have selected two or three companies, it is important that you look at the additional coverage that the insurer can offer you.

Fire, theft, glass coverage … check your priorities and compare which company offers the best additional coverage.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

If after following these tips you still feel overwhelmed and do not know which insurance company to choose, there is the possibility of resorting to a car insurance broker.

Brokers, unlike agents, are professionals who are not identified with any company and who will be in charge of finding the best insurer according to your needs.


  1. I like that you said that I should compare the various offers proposed by various auto insurance providers and check their customer service. My husband plans to buy a new car for the family, so I’ll share this tip with him. I’ll tell him to find an insurance provider that can get a fair monthly premium with decent coverage. Thanks!


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