There are many incidents that can arise in a house. We always think of mishaps that cause extensive damage: a fire, a theft. But there are other incidents that …

At first, glance, if I talk to you about compensation for a domestic accident, you may not know what I’m referring to. If I relate it to home insurance, the range of possibilities that opens up is significant.

If you have taken a tour of the Internet, you will have read in the forums how badly insurance companies turn out. And possibly they are right.

Insurance companies are not an NGO, they seek to make a profit. Therefore, obtaining compensation for a domestic accident can be a daunting task.

The truth is that over a year, one in four insured households suffers a mishap.

The 5 mishaps at home that result in compensation for a domestic accident

There are many incidents that can arise in a house and there are many benefits that home insurance includes. We always think of mishaps that cause extensive damage: a fire, a theft. But there are other accidents that take the cake and of which you must be aware.

Obtaining compensation for a domestic accident can be a difficult task if when taking out the insurance you have thought that everything that happens is covered. A frequent mistake but not the only one.

The companies have provided themselves with repair services with which they substitute compensation for the provision of a service. With this, they intend to achieve at least two objectives: solve the problem of having to look for the professional on duty and, above all, reduce the amount of the claim.

For this, they need the client to allow them to use it, so it is up to you to decide between the service or compensation for a domestic accident.

According to insurers, these are the incidents they attend to most frequently.

1. Water damage, the most common incident

A water leak, a leak, or a flood in your home, in addition to being an inconvenience, can also become a headache. For insurance, water damage is the event that accumulates the most number of claims.

Many of them are due to the lack of quality of the house, to the age of the facilities, if not to an oversight. According to the report We Are Safe, in 2016, insurers handled nearly 2.3 million water damage claims. By themselves, they represent a remarkable figure to which many others caused by rain should be added.

Within water damage, these are the most frequent types of mishaps assumed by insurers.

1.1 Water leaks

From the tap that is left open to the water leaking from a pipe, water leaks are the most frequent incident and many times, problematic and expensive to solve.

Most insurers include, along with repairing the damage, locating and repairing the water fault that causes them.

But be careful because they usually exclude everything that smells like maintenance. Thus, many policies exclude the repairs of visible pipes, of installations that present a notorious state of corrosion or neglect. And also the damage that these breakdowns have caused.

When the cause of the damage is not on the premises of your home, your insurer will postpone dealing with the damage until the community or the neighbor repair the fault.

1.2 Atmospheric phenomena

Almost all insurers include damage caused by atmospheric phenomena in their policies. These include damage from leaks or leaks of rainwater.

But there are many that put as a condition to address the damage, that the rainfall exceeds 40 liters per square meter and hour.

Some companies are adopting this condition and accept lower intensities as long as the rain has caused noticeable damage in other nearby homes with similar construction characteristics.

The poor condition of the cover or the damage caused by water seepage through doors and windows are also grounds for exclusion for insurance.

1.3 Civil liability for water damage

According to the estimates of the insurance employer, every 5 minutes there is water damage to a third party. And it is usually due to the fact that we have forgotten to turn off the tap, lack of maintenance, a blockage, or ruptured evacuation pipes.

But in these types of mishaps, as important as the origin of the breakdown, is the relationship between the person causing it and the home insurance. For this reason, it is convenient for you to assess what it may cost you not to have family responsibility contracted in your home insurance.

2. Glass breakage, a growing fracture

Claims for breakage of glass have been growing proportionally to how the guarantee has been extended. Today the vast majority of insurers cover mirrors and fixed glass, sanitary ware, or cooktops. Therefore the exclusions have been reduced to crystal lamps and glassware.

Besides this, there are some limitations. In the case of the cooktop, the benefit is reduced to replacing the glass or compensating you for it if the hob is not manufactured.

Obsolescence is a factor to bear in mind because insurers do not offer cosmetic damage to the guarantee. For example, if the toilet model is not manufactured, you will have to settle for a similar one or pay out of pocket to replace the rest of the bathroom parts.

3. From DIY to family assistance, it is home assistance services

Home care benefits have climbed to third place in the rankings. There are already more than one million assistances registered by insurers in 2016.

It is a guarantee that does not generate compensation for a domestic accident but rather the provision of a service. Insurers make available to the client a series of urgent repair services in fire, explosion, flood, or theft claims.

In other cases, where there is no coverage by the policy, the insurer puts you in contact with the professional. For example, among the most common is the urgent locksmith to open the door because we have left the key inside or the lock has broken due to wear. Plumbers, electricians, masons, glaziers are some of the professionals included in-home assistance.

To these basic benefits, many companies have added home appliance repair or DIY assistance services. Most also have a computer, legal, or family assistance in the event of an accident at home.

Of course, to receive the service you must necessarily contact the insurer through the helpline. Also, some services are limited to a specified number per year or a maximum of labor hours.

4. Electrical damage, a controlled short circuit

Electrical damage already accounts for about 15% of the total claims that insurers deal with a home. As you can see, it is the fourth cause that can lead to compensation for a domestic accident. Year after year they increase in number in the same way that we have increased the number of electrical appliances at home.

Electrical damage is understood to be those related to electricity. They are usually caused by voltage surges or drops, short circuits, abnormal currents, electrical faults, or those caused by lightning strikes.

The age of the devices or the operating time also favors the appearance of breakdowns. Thus, for example, the largest number of complaints is concentrated in refrigerators, Vitro ceramic, and televisions.

5. The friends of others, a butron for insurance companies

Theft ranks as the fifth cause in the number of claims but rises to second place in terms of the amount of compensation paid. A butron for insurers, for which they lose about 850,000 dollars a day in compensation, according to the sector’s employers’ association.

Although these numbers do not differentiate if the damages are due to theft or theft, you should know what each thing is to avoid errors. Insurers are very clear about it and distinguish it in their contracts.

In both cases the conclusion is the same: thieves take your goods. The way they do it is what distinguishes each of the actions:

  • Theft : Taking possession of other people’s things, using violence or intimidation on people or force in things.
  • Theft : Taking the goods against the will of the owner without any of the circumstances that characterize the theft.

In the market, you will find a wide catalog of products that incorporate the theft guarantee. Even different variants in the offer of the same insurer.

Although theft and damage caused in the attempt are part of the basic coverage, theft usually only covers it if it occurs inside the home.

When the abduction occurs on the street, we can speak of a robbery outside the home. And in this case, they normally have to attend to be covered, the same circumstances as in the theft. Bad business if the loss is due to carelessness or the action of a pickpocket.

Before contracting this coverage, it requires that you make a detailed analysis of the conditions and limitations imposed by the insurer.

One cause for concern: personal accidents

So far we have seen the most frequent mishaps that lead to compensation for domestic accidents. But I cannot let it pass that 80% of these accidents are suffered by people who live in the home. Hence, more and more insurers include accident coverage in home insurance.

It is in our home where we feel safest but we must also be cautious in certain situations. It is a fact that it is where we spend the most time and therefore the greatest risk of suffering an accident. Thus, the groups that suffer the most are children under 5 years of age and adults over 65. The kitchen and the bedroom are the most conflictive scenarios and where the greatest number of accidents are recorded.

Falls and bumps are the most frequent causes of personal accidents. But you should not lose sight of cuts and wounds, poisonings, burns, choking or suffocation, and electrocutions. Between all of them, they account for about 60% of personal accidents.

But I do not want to end this article dedicated to the most frequent incidents that give rise to compensation for a domestic accident, without telling you some curiosities.

Curious fact: about 14.3 million homes do not declare any claim per year. But there are 75,500 insurances that accumulate five or more claims a year, 10% of all declared mishaps.

What group are you in?

What type of incident is the most frequent in your home?
Now it’s your turn! Leave us your answer in the comments.


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