If you are one of those people who prefer to travel by car between one country and another, if you are a lover of long distances or if, for work or family reasons, you are obliged to travel regularly from one city to another, then roadside assistance insurance it may interest you. Take a look at this guide!

Undoubtedly, roads are places where all the characteristics of a car to suffer an accident or a breakdown come together.

Difficult accesses, lack of lighting, high speeds, lack of services … Spanish roads attract thousands of people every day but they also have a high percentage of problems for those who travel on them.

To somewhat curb the inconvenience that motorists suffer when they have a breakdown or breakdown on a road, insurance companies offer a product that aims to solve these problems.

This is roadside assistance insurance. Let’s review in this guide four things that perhaps you did not know about them.

1. Insurance for damage and breakdowns on the road

As we have announced in the title, roadside assistance insurance provides assistance both to the vehicle and to people who suffer any type of mishap during their travels.

In other words, this type of car policy will take care of the problems that the car may suffer, and that makes it impossible to continue its journey.

These faults include, for example, loss of water or oil, overheating of the engine, loss of brakes, etc.

2. A double coverage

That’s right because normally roadside assistance coverage implies a second guarantee, which is travel assistance.

It is true that many insurers do not make the difference between one and the other, however, they are quite different coverages.

While the roadside assistance coverage will be responsible for solving the breakdowns that the vehicle may suffer during its journey, the roadside assistance will provide help to the passengers who are inside.

It is important to note that when hiring roadside assistance coverage, travel assistance is not always automatically included.

3. Coverage in the country and abroad

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Depending on the company you have chosen and the type of roadside assistance coverage you want to hire, it is important that you know that the guarantee can cover both the national territory and the foreign countries through which you transit.

4. Three ways to fix the breakdown of your car

When contracting roadside assistance insurance and at the time of suffering a breakdown or damage, the company can solve the problem in three different ways:

On-site repair

When you face a mechanical problem that can be solved at the moment, the insurer will choose to send a professional to the place where you are so that he can repair the car and you can continue driving.

This first option is used by the company in low-risk situations and where it is certain that it can repair the damage.

Typically, the situations that give rise to a repair in place are:

  • Battery discharge.
  • Tire puncture.
  • Faults in the lights.
  • Bad alarm.
  • Lack of spare tire.
  • Forgetting keys, etc.

Car trailer

When it is not possible to repair the car in the same place, the insurer will take care of transferring it to a mechanical workshop.

It is important to note that the conditions will depend on the policy you have contracted, however, the company will normally take over if:

  • The car has been damaged and cannot be moved.
  • You have reported a fuel that is not adequate.
  • You have run out of gas.

Vehicle rescue

In the event that your car has been overturned or that you have fallen into a slope, the insurer will send specialized professionals to the scene of the accident so that they can extract the vehicle and evaluate if it can be moved again or if it is necessary to send it to a garage.


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