Whenever home insurance is contracted, it is sought that the home is protected against the most common situations, such as a fire, a gas leak, water damage, civil liability, etc. But despite this, in recent years, insurance companies are expanding home insurance coverage to meet the new needs of policyholders.

It is quite common that those who subscribe to a home policy are largely unaware of the services and/or elements that it covers. This can lead users to bear the costs of certain incidents when in fact the insurer should.

The same happens at the other extreme: we may be convinced that our home insurance covers a certain claim and when the time comes, they tell us that it is not. For this reason, when hiring insurance for your home, it is advisable to find out about the scope of all the coverages, not only the exclusions but also the accidents and situations that are covered.

What your home insurance covers and what maybe you didn’t know 

  1. As a general rule, good home insurance offers you a DIY service to perform all those tasks that require someone who is a handyman, such as replacing a tap, mounting a shelf, hanging a lamp, or putting up some curtains. 
  2. The irruption of new technologies has brought many benefits, but on the other hand, it also endangers minors. Therefore, another thing that your home insurance covers and that you probably do not know is the protection against digital violence against minors. 
  3. Along the same lines, if we want all our information to disappear from the Internet because it is causing us economic or reputational damage, home insurance can take care of the erasure of the fingerprint.
  4. If your refrigerator breaks down or there is an electrical failure that causes food to spoil, another complementary guarantee of the policies that protect homes is to cover the loss of food that was refrigerated.  
  5. If we move outside the home to take a trip, our belongings will be insured even when they move with us as well, whether we are in a hotel, apartment, etc. 
  6. Comprehensive home insurance also includes travel assistance, through which the expenses that have to be assumed due to illness or accident abroad are covered, along with the shipment of medicines or the costs of location and rescue if necessary, between other services. 
  7. Another thing that your home insurance covers in all probability is theft or theft that you suffer outside the home, as well as the fraudulent use of credit cards. 
  8. To protect your family, among the different coverages of a policy of this type you can find assistance to any member through health, domestic, and educational personnel. The telephone medical guidance service is also included in many home insurance. 
  9. A good policy includes certain guarantees focused on companion animals, such as compensation for damages they may suffer, veterinary expenses, etc.
  10. Finally, another aspect that your home insurance covers and that you may have never considered is a legal defense: The insurance company assumes the expenses that the insured person has to incur to intervene in a judicial, administrative, or arbitration process. 


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